Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pillow Talk

Hello Everyone,

I've been having fun making these pillows for Christmas.  The 5" x 7" panel is from the Sentiments Christmas fabric by Moda. I've been raiding my stash from other fabric lines to make the rest of the pillow.  I think I will make one more with a dusty green border to complete the trio.

The bolt of this tone-on-tone red lasted exactly one week at the shop.  The owner is going to try to order some more.  Don't look at me....I didn't buy it all!  But I did buy three yards.  A good red, (just like a good man) is hard to find.

I was thinking while writing the pillow pattern, that you could customize this pillow very easily by replacing the 5" x 7" panel section with a family photo.  When I get home I think I will give it a try by printing out a picture on photo transfer material.  The same kind that I use when I make quilt labels.

I put these 18-1/2" blocks together out on the bed.......I think I see another quilt in my future.  They looked great together.  Do you suppose I can talk my sister into making a sample?  (I can hear her groaning right now.)  I emailed pattern directions to Gail yesterday for October Magic to proofread.  She's very technical and has written many technical documents. 

You are probably wondering why I'm working on Christmas so early.  I have an answer for that one.  I'm preparing everything for my little booth at the Georgetown quilt show in September and I want to have a cozy little Christmas section.  The next eight weeks of my summer will be devoted to making my booth a good one.  I've never done this before, so I have a lot to learn and plan.  Gail and I are going to do a road trip to Georgetown and she will be helping me with my booth.  Girls weekend, here we come!  We'll be just like Thelma and Louise.....or.....Oprah and Gail.....or......the dynamic duo of Lynn and Gail!  I better sign off before I get too carried away.  Too much coffee this morning.




  1. I like the new pillow as much as the first one, but really think the plaid is super, especially in the corners. I bet your booth will be a charmer.

  2. I love those pillows! I have to say, that really is a perfect red. I'll going to look for some locally.
    Georgetown sounds fun, good luck!

  3. Love the pillows, Lynn! They would make a terrific pattern - you could add it as a bonus to the quilt pattern you'll write (somehow I just know you'll do it!). Gail is probably close to being an expert quilter now that she's nearly done with the first quilt! You two will have a blast on your road trip and I'm sure your booth will be a big hit!

  4. They all look great. I really don't believe you when you said you didn't buy all that gorgeous red. If there's a shortage either over there or here, I'll know who to blame!

  5. Just love the pillows ! Your booth is going to be gorgeous in Georgetown ! It is always so hard to find the perfect red isn't it ?