Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Monday October 3, 2022 Trippy Sisters

 Hello Everyone,

Here we are, Lynn and Gail ready to set out on our road trip to North Dakota.  Or as Gail says, our Toad Trip.  She was texting her neighbor and that's what came up.  Darn spellcheck!

The car is full of quilts, tutorials, patterns, books, and suitcases.  We are going to be gone for 14 days and you need a lot of changes of clothes.

First stop was the sun rising over Lake Alpine.  Note to self: before you get out of the car, put it in park.  Insert a grimacing face here.  Our trip could have ended very quickly if I'd launched the car from the boat dock.

Mosquito Lake was gorgeous in the morning light.

Then comes the hair pin turns down the backside of Ebbetts Pass where you meet yourself coming and going.

We saw a bit of fall color as the Aspens are just starting to turn.

We got down the pass and soon entered Nevada.  The sign is much more colorful than the state.

Of course, we had to stop at The Quilt House in Gardnerville, NV.

Then you see a whole lot of nothing except for the wild mustang crossing signs and three very emaciated wild mustangs.  I guess I see where the name Mustang Ranch came from.  We were in the red-light district along highway 50 until we cut up to Interstate 80.

This is the whole lot of nothing for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles.  There was one round about that Gail enjoyed driving around.....twice. We finally got on the correct road to Winnemucca. We went from towering mountains and trees to no trees, nada, zip, zilch.  I couldn't stop thinking about the early settlers crossing this unforgiving landscape.  Such courage.

My son told me not to pick up any hitchhikers along the way.  I sent this sign to him.  This was in Lovelock, NV.  So, I guess a lot of people are locked up in Lovelock.

We got to Elko around 4:30pm.  I sent Mr. Joe a text and told him we were in Elmo.  That darn spellcheck again! He got a chuckle out of it, and so did we.

After being in the car for 420 miles, we decided to walk to dinner and get the blood flowing.  We found a restaurant called Toki Ona.  We both felt like Sushi, but to our surprise it was a Basque/American restaurant.  We ended up ordering a salad and appetizers of shrimp stuffed with crab and mushrooms stuffed with crab. That and a glass of wine.....life is good.

Our goal is Idaho Falls today.  We should be able to find a couple of quilt shops along the way.

Much to my delight, Gail only snoozed for about an hour when she wasn't driving.  She never hurled once going over the windy mountain roads!



  1. Sushi in Elko? What were you thinking?!? Lol but the shrimp does look good. Not sure where you think you will put your purchases but any stop at a quilt shop is worthy. My trip road maps are usually dotted with quilt shop stops (they usually have restrooms!)

  2. Elmo, NV....never heard of it. LOL'
    420 miles and how many stops? Love the pictures and story. Keep them coming and safe travels!

  3. And day one is in the books! You're doing a primer for me....thank you very much.....my seester and I plan do such a roadie to Boise in the spring. I"m taking careful notes.

    1. At least you won't have to drive the entire width of Nevada!

  4. Well you're off to a good start and your first day was quite a hoot, ladies!!!! So many changes in the landscape and only on day 1; can't wait for more!! xoxo

    1. There were zero changes in the landscape on day two. We hope to see some trees today.

  5. Well I doubt you have room for a hitchhiker unless you strapped them to the roof!