Thursday, October 6, 2022

Road Trip Day 3

Hello Everyone,

Montana rolled out the red, orange and yellow carpet for us yesterday!  We think we hit the peak of the fall colors.  It was incredible! We were gobsmacked (I love using that word), as we drove around each bend in the road.

We didn't have a brilliant start to the day.  We were headed to Starbucks for our vanilla lattes before we drove out of town.  Instead of getting into what I thought was the drive through window, I pulled into the drive-up window of a bank.  Who knew they didn't make lattes and send them out through the cash machine spitting foam??

I drove the first part of the trip and Lead Foot Gail drove the middle part of the trip. I informed her that if she gets a ticket, she is paying for the ticket.  I don't let her drive in the afternoon because she falls asleep.  The views were so fabulous today, she never slept a wink.  As we left Idaho Falls, ID we were up into the mountains and trees very quickly.

The roads in Montana are wonderful.

We kept our eyes open for elk after seeing this sign.

We kept our eyes open for bison after we saw this sign.  We also saw a warning sign for big horn sheep.....we didn't see them either.

We briefly cut across the western corner of Yellowstone National Park.  We've both been there before, so we didn't take a detour.

I can see why Montana is called Big Sky Country.  I'm in love with Montana.  Ask me that in the middle of January!

Just outside Bozeman we saw snow in the distance.

We passed a cattle drive along the frontage road.

Along with the fabulous Fall colors, another highlight of the day was a stop a Greycliff Mill.

The building is a circa 1740-1760 pre-revolutionary war Dutch barn from the Mohawk River Valley in New York.  It was disassembled and shipped to Greycliff, MT where it was reassembled.

There are quilts inside!

We had a wonderful lunch here.  The flour is ground right behind where Gail is sitting, and all of the bread and bagels are made onsite.

The grounds are just lovely.

There is also a Craft room, and someone will be teaching quilting and leather making at a later date. 

I fail miserably at selfies....I never knew I had short arms.

Now let's talk about my navigation system.  This is where it took us on the way to finding a motel in Billings.  Gail couldn't stop laughing on our way to the Boot Hill Motel.  

This was our route on Wednesday through all of that lush green.  I'm in heaven.  Tomorrow, we will have a short four-hour drive to Medora, ND, our destination.  We will get set up for the Friday morning class and we will get to meet some of the quilters.  We've had a great trip so far and it just keeps getting better.



  1. Quelle magnifique région. Merci pour ces superbes photos.

    1. Oui, c’est une belle région de notre pays. Les couleurs de l’automne étaient incroyables, le ciel bleu et tous les arbres ont fait un magnifique voyage en voiture.

  2. We saw the show where they moved that mill and set it up again. It looks like a fun place to visit. And a quilt there? What more could you ask for?! It looks like you're making up for the gray NV landscape with gorgeous fall color.

  3. Love the pictures and stories of your trip.

  4. Wow...simply Wow! Even with short arms and lead feet you two are having an amazing time. For those of us sitting at home with "lead bottoms", your pictures make us feel we're right there with you!!

  5. Well I’m enjoying all of your pictures and getting nice chuckles each morning!

  6. OMG Lynn, you and your sister keep me laughing. Enjoy you trip, it sounds wonderful.