Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Roads Tripping Sisters Day 2

 Hello Everyone,

I don't really know if this leg of our travelogue is very interesting.  Tuesday morning, we left Elko, NV pretty early as we are both early risers.

I'm adding two additional songs to my play list for the week:

Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks and Tumbling Tumbleweeds by Sons of the Pioneers.

The landscape is very stark, and these girls are used to towering trees and mountain vistas.  Even though we've been sticking to the main roads, they are empty.  Maybe the price of gas is keeping folks' home. I paid $6.36 a gallon in Lovelock, NV.  It was $2.00 cheaper here in Idaho.

One thing I've learned about my sister is that she loves, LOVES to drive 80 mph. Whenever she sees this sign, she puts the pedal to the metal. She gives whole new meaning to the song I Can't Drive 55!  If you drove 55 here, you would be run over by a convoy of trucks. The trucks in Nevada were THREE trailers long.

We only had one minor incident.  I turned onto a one-way street going in the wrong direction in Twin Falls, ID.  I only went one car length, but I think the lady who saw my California license plate was not impressed with my U-turn. We were trying to find our way back to a quilt store and just gave up.  Parking wasn't the best, and I don't want to park blocks away and leave the car loaded with quilts.

My background is geography, but I wish I'd listened better in my geology classes.  There were some interesting outcroppings along the way.  That tells you that a pile of rocks is more interesting than tumbleweeds!

We arrived at Pocatello in the early afternoon.  We got hopelessly lost (while Gail was driving) and ended up on a hilltop to get a scenic view of the town.  I don't think my navigation system was connecting to the satellite, so our huge detour wasn't totally her fault.

We found our way to Sew In Stitches and met the owners, Becky and Tracey.  They are a hoot, and they are sisters too!  Check out their Facebook Live shows when they have them.  We made a grand entrance into the shop when Gail set off the car alarm.  Neither one of us could find our keys very quickly to turn it off. How embarrassing. Have you noticed yet that everything is Gail's fault?  Isn't that what little sisters are for? I'm getting back at her for chasing me with a pitchfork when we were little. 

We spent the night in Idaho Falls, ID.  Our destination for Wednesday is Billings, MT.  I'm longing to see some mountains and trees, throw in a gorgeous vista to boot!  Speaking of boots, I should have packed mine.



  1. The desert landscape of my adopted home has a soaring grace all of its own. We went on a tour to a silver mine east of Reno with the State Emeritus Geologist of Nevada and he told us so much of when the area was the Great Basin and underwater and experiencing volcanic was mesmerizing! But of course, I've forgotten most of the fancy words so I just enjoy the ride to the next quilt store! Tell Gail I think she's doing great ๐Ÿ‘

  2. I'm loving following along on your journey. You gals are too cute! Have fun and stay safe ... no more wrong way one-ways!

  3. I'm having a good time watching your travels. Glad you got to visit store in Pocatello. Nicest ladies there! Safe travels ❤️

  4. You two just might set a record for trailblazers of a certain age! Having just been past those strange rock outcroppings and then Craters of the Moon monument a little farther north...they are remnants of volcanic activity that started on the OR/ID border 17 million years ago, worked it's way across Idaho, and is now residing actively as Old Faithful Geyser and others in that area! How's that fora history lesson! Keep having you both!

  5. Well I'm very happy that you made that U-Turn when you did, Lynn, no matter how you did it!!! Hang in there,Gail...especially in that flat terrain while it lasts - it always puts me to sleep!

  6. This has been a great trip so far! I’m chuckling daily. Keep up the good driving techniques(๐Ÿ˜‚)! Have a prettier drive today. Looking forward to reading about it!๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Good morning! Nevada is boring from Wells to Sparks there is nothing and no speed limit to speak of. Live there in early 70’s. We s there a name for leftover from Ribbon Runs Through it?