Friday, October 7, 2022

Road Trip Day 4

 Hello Everyone,

We started out the day drinking 'Mountain Mud' coffee in Billings, MT and ended the day eating Walleye in Medora, ND.  We quickly drove out of the mountains in Montana and entered the rolling plains and grasslands in eastern Montana.  We were sprinkled on just a bit, maybe we were being baptized in the plains.

We still saw a bit of color from the cottonwoods and elders.

Then we started seeing such interesting land formations covered in red.

A friend in Arnold suggested that we stop at the Enchanted Room quilt shop in Glendive, MT.  What a wonderful treat!

We knew as we walked up the steps and saw the lovely decorations that this was going to be good....and it did not disappoint. An old home had been converted to a quilt shop filled with bolts and bolts and lots of gifts.

Across the street from the quilt shop was 'Enchanted Living' in an old church.

I started Christmas shopping in their downstairs kitchen/boutique area.

I loved the slogan for North legendary.

Add this song to my play list for the week.

There really is a home on the range.

The clouds gave way to beautiful vistas of the prairie.

We arrived in the quaint and tiny town of Medora.

We got unloaded and set up ready to hit the ground running. Everyone was so nice and helpful.

We had dinner last night at Boots Bar & Grill in Medora with six other quilters from around the state.  They were a hoot, and two of them are going to be teacher's pet in my classes.



  1. Yay! You made it! I've loved following along on your journey. Have a wonderful time ... They're going to love you!

  2. Glad to hear you made it.sounds like a lot of fun

  3. How wonderful you arrived safely and have enjoyed! Continue & share, please.

  4. I’m happy you’ve arrived safe and have enjoyed the trip girls! 🤗😂

  5. Thanks for stopping at our Enchanted stores in Glendive! Come back for our quilt show in June; we promise you'll have a great time!

  6. Just taking the time to read of your adventures, just WOW! I decided to share when I saw the sign Home on the Range, I an RN at this residential facility. We serve children age 12-18. Their stories are different, but always sad, so much trauma our children have experienced in their short lives. Drugs and alcohol, sexaully trafficked kids, physical and sexual abuse, deprivation and simple no family or home.
    I am a quilter, with great ambitions. Always learning.
    I live close so I came and shopped at Mary's. Loved all the photos.